Satellite tv - installation, repair, adjustment.


We can help with problems around satellite tv! Being a small business we are competetivly priced and we won’t break your home budget!

 Above all, we always deal with  your problems swiftly.

Have you lost satellite signal ?

Mainly due to heavy winds, corroded or badly installed brackets / screws a dish can move out of it’s poisiton. We can quickly re-adjust your satellite dish so you can continue enjoying your favourite tv programmes !

Would you like a new satellite TV line in your house ?

Having existing satellite dish and a one or more  tv points you are wondering… Can I have another satellite tv line in my bedroom, kids bedroom ? or kitchen ?  YES you can have up to 8 lines from a single satellite dish ! We can run and connected it all up for you ! Of course you will need receiver in every tv point which you’d need to sort out with your satellite tv provider.


Satellite dish need to be moved elsewhere ?

We’ve experienced a lot of issues where a dish previously in an undisturbed line with the satellite now has become obscured by: a tree, new buidling, house extensions to name a few ..

We can move it to a more suited position on your house, or if you’ve moved, we can take it to a new house altogether!

Freesat ? Watch TV for free

Just like Freeview, with Freesat you don’t need any extra receivers, subscriptions etc   to enjoy a good range of programs at home ! Freesat is a completly free service. Over 70 tv and radio channels !

All you need is a satellite dish and Freesat receiver – a lot of modern Tv’s do come equipped with built in freesat receivers!

Any other issues with your satellite tv ? Let us know and we'll fix it for you !

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