Basic checks - tv signal self diagnose

These steps will help us to diagnose your problem and speed up our aerial and satellite tv repairs.

In many cases a reason for lack of tv picture is usually something simple and straightforward … disconnected cable, wrong setting on tv for example.

Step 1

  • Make sure your television is on DVB-T mode, not analog !
  • On your controller use button source or input and switch from TV to DVB or DVB-T.
  • Under source your tv might be set for HDMI … try switching it back to TV

Step 2 ( if one fails to help )

Get to menu settings ( use your tv remote control )

  • Select install and retune
  • Manual channel scan.
  • Choose Channel 22 (482MHz) BBC1 and BBC2 from London Transmitter
  • Or Channel 45 (666MHz) BBC1 and BBC2 from Hannington Meridian transmitter.
  • Check the tv cable (fly lead) and connectors on both end’s ,unplug and plug the cable.
  • If you have a freewiew or freesat box check the connection (HDMI Lead) between a box and your Tv.

About your TV signal ..

We should distinguish between tv signal strength and tv signal quality.
A good tv signal should be at least:
– Tv signal strength above 70%
– Tv signal quality above 90%



Tv signal quality is much more important than it’s strength for example:
If strength is at 90% but quality at 50% you won’t be able to watch any tv channels.
On the contrary if tv signal strength is at 50% but it’s quality at 90% you will be able to enjoy most channels.

On most if not all modern TV sets you can check signal and quality of your tv signal directly on your TV. This photo shows you such signal information on a samsung tv…


tv signal information screen on a TV set

On different tv’s signal information screen might not be in the same location – on samsung tv you will find it exactly here: Try going to settings -> then support -> then self diagnosis -> signal information.

If you could include information from this screen or simply forward us a photo of it then this will be a tremendous help for us which ultimately will also save your cash.

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